Intern, Trainee, and Work Study Pay Laws

colorado mountainsInternships, work study and training programs, whether operated by schools or businesses, can provide valuable experience to students and those looking for new careers. Unfortunately, some schools and businesses, in order to save costs, use these programs as a source of unpaid labor. In general, if a school or business is profiting or otherwise benefiting from the work of interns or work study students, or if a worker is training for a particular job, the school or business must pay the student-employees/trainees at least the minimum wage for all regular hours worked and overtime for hours worked in excess of 12 per day or 40 per week.

If your employer is violating the intern/trainee/work study minimum wage and overtime laws, you (and others) may be entitled to thousands of dollars of back pay. Please contact us for a free and confidential case evaluation or simply to learn more about work study/trainees/internships and the minimum wage and overtime pay laws.